Penn State University’s Energy Efficient Buildings 661 & 7R in the Philadelphia Navy Yard

661- Select demo, grading, excavation, and utility installation to help transform this former gymnasium built in 1942, and unused since the Navy Yard closure in 1996, into the new 32,000-square-foot headquarters for the PSU EEB Hub. This planned reconstruction will be the primary location for research, demonstration, and educational activities of the EEB Hub researchers and administrators. This building will serve as the core for PSU’s planned implementation of deep retrofits to effect significant improvements in energy performance.



7R- The overall site development of newly proposed Building 7R Building by Penn State University. This building will serve as PSU’s primary presence in the Philadelphia Navy Yard, and will be the home to general purpose classrooms, distance learning enabled technology rooms, and hands-on training facilities for Architectural Engineering programs for the EEB Hub. This building, adjacent to the League Island Park Project, has a unique architectural design and will serve as a focal point for PSU’s expanded campus as well as the overall plan for the Navy Yard. Construction items include utility installation, asphalt paving, concrete sidewalk and curb, as well as all site excavation and grading.