University of the Sciences

JPC is working as a subcontractor for Turner Special Projects Division performing E&S control, site logistics, demolition services, and site clearing. Some of the more critical scope items include earth work consisting of approximately 25,000 CY of bulk soil / bulk rock excavation, foundation excavation, the design & erection of a soldier beam and lagging sheeting & shoring system for both bulk excavation and foundation excavation. Our scope also includes installation of storm, sanitary, water, and fire systems. Part of the storm utility work is the installation of (2) underground detention systems totaling over 14,500 CF of basin, (6) Bio-retention Basins with over 500 CY of Bio-Soils, installation of a 7,200 SF permeable paver walkway with a stone collection base. JPC is also the utility excavator for other subcontractors including electrical &telecom duct bank. After the bulk of the building is constructed, JPC will perform the majority of the restoration work including milling & overlay as well as full depth paving in asphalt areas, concrete curb installation, concrete sidewalk, area drains, trench drains, curb inlets, guard rail, and fencing.