JPC Group has performed a number of marine projects throughout the Delaware Valley. With extensive experience and proven techniques, we offer our clients innovative solutions to construction challenges in and around the water.

From cofferdam construction to restore a historical facade at The Philadelphia Museum of Art's Water Works Park, to the installation of helical tie backs in the Wissahickon River in order to save a section of Lincoln Drive from collapsing, JPC Group’s portfolio of projects demonstrates our proficiency when it comes to getting wet.

Safety is always at the forefront of any project of ours; however, special attention is required when working around the water. We work with environmental agencies and fish and game commissions to ensure the safety of marine life. A slight spike or drop in pH levels can have traumatic consequences within an ecosystem. JPC Group has a reputation for being accountable to the environment just as we are accountable to our clients.

Commercial Dock Repairs

The daily operations of your business are vital to you and your customers. You need someone that you can trust to work in and around your shipping yard. JPC Group's Marine Division provides marine construction at a high service level. We work with operations managers to ensure there is never a delay or decrease in productivity due to our presence. Construction is planned around your shipping schedule so that your business never suffers. Talk to someone today about how we can help create a more functional and efficient work place for you and your cargo.