Project Portfolio

3925 Walnut Street – Philadelphia, PA

Duration – 12 months

Client – Intech Construction

Category – Student Housing


The 3925 Walnut Street Student Housing project involved a multitude of construction tasks including completing a soils exchange across 75% of the site. The exchange varied in depth across the site, from approximately 2 to 6 feet. JPC then completed all excavation, grading, and backfilling for the foundation work. Once the earthwork activities were finished, storm piping and two underground storm water detention systems were installed with tie-ins to the city’s main. Final activities included an Aqua Loc paving entrance to the Student Housing building.

  • Adjacent housing along the site property line made it a challenge to excavate without disturbing the integrity of the neighboring property’s foundation.

  • With various construction activities happening at the same time, the site became very congested, not