Project Portfolio

70th Street Sluice Gate Chamber – Philadelphia, PA

Duration – 15 months

Client – City of Philadelphia

Category – Sewer


This project entailed the replacement of sluice gates for the Philadelphia Water Department in South West Philadelphia. These gates partially flow into the southwest treatment plant, which makes up roughly one third of Philadelphia’s wastewater - enough sewage to fill a swimming pool in twenty seconds. JPC Group, Inc. was required to excavate to a depth of 15 feet in a busy intersection. The main challenge was to access the box sewer and gates and prepare the underground site for construction. This preparation included the employ of divers to install a cofferdam in the large sewer, as well as the pumping and vacating of over 2 ½ miles of box sewer at a depth of 31 feet below ground.

  • Design, fabrication, and installation of a custom engineered, one of a kind cofferdam, that is lowered into a 14’ by 14’ box sewer to control flow

  • Removal and replacement of three 5’ by 6’ gates and frames requiring the use of millwrights in order to obtain a water tight seal

  • Calibration of new sluice gates to tolerances of four one-thousands of an inch

  • Traffic control at a busy intersection

  • Installation of new airtight hatches