Project Portfolio

Audenreid School – Philadelphia, PA

Duration – 3 months

Client – Daniel J. Keating

Category – School


Daniel J. Keating hired JPC for a complete demolition of the Audenreid School , including all foundations and pile caps. The school was a three story masonry and concrete structure built in the 1930’s. The school was razed, bay by bay, using excavators equipped with shears, pulverizors, hammers, and grapples. Other support equipment included track loaders, wheel loaders, and skid loaders to move, sort, and load out material. All material was segregated on site and recycled whenever possible. Despite unexpected delays, JPC completed the project on time and to the satisfaction of both the client and the owner.

  • Recycled 24,000 tons of concrete and brick

  • Three month schedule for completion

  • Extensive noise and dust control to satisfy local community

  • Challenge of removing mixed and embedded materials