Project Portfolio

Dobson’s Run Tunnel– Philadelphia, PA

Duration – 24 months

Client – City of Philadelphia

Category – Sewer


The Dobson’s Run Tunnel project was a joint venture between JPC Group, Inc. and Michigan based Jay Dee Contractors. JPC Group was the managing partner due to the strong past relationship with the owner of the project, The Philadelphia Water Department. The project duration was 2 years with numerous phases.

  • Pre-construction survey of the roads and properties that could be affected throughout the project.

  • Extensive traffic & safety maintenance on a busy Kelly Drive, with numerous traffic patterns throughout the duration of the project.

  • Construction of an outfall structure in the Schuylkill River that ties to the main tunnel by a transition section under Kelly Drive.

  • Construction of the overlook, situated above the outfall structure, to be used by the public, with various landscape and architectural features.

  • Tunneling work consisting of using a tunnel boring machine to excavate nearly 4,000 LF of tunnel while boring through rock approximately 80 feet below the surface. 

  • Repair of 200 LF of 18” sanitary sewer line in a 50 foot deep excavation using various shoring and trench safety methods. 

  • Excavation and installation of an 80 foot deep and 25 foot diameter overflow structure at the beginning of the tunnel that ties into the existing Dobson’s Run Tunnel.