Project Portfolio

Dredging at Belmont WTP 2072

Duration - 9 months

Client – Philadelphia Procurement Department

Category – Dredging


Scope includes hydraulic dredging of silt/sediment and debris removal from the Schuylkill River at the locations, depths and within the limits identified on the drawings and silt/sediment removal from the North and South Wet well located within the Belmont Raw Water Intake Building. Silt/Sediment materials are to be pumped and piped directly to barges and transported for disposal at an approved site(s). Conduct pre and

Post bathymetric surveys of the dredging area and do soundings per spec. sec. 023252 and 023255; collect and analyze samples at time of pre-dredging bathymetric survey per project specifications sec. 023252. Also pre-construction photos per spec sec. 010203, and maintenance and janitorial service for existing engineer's field office.