Project Portfolio

Girard Pointe – Philadelphia, PA

Duration – 15 months

Client – Penntex Construction Company

Category – Utilities, Paving


This massive utility work project at the Philadelphia Naval Yard consisted of over three miles of pipe which was installed on top of 2,200 timber piles. Six foot wide storm piping at a depth of 15’ below grade and 3,300 feet long connected in the Delaware River to a new 5,000 SF steel sheet pile cofferdam and outlet structure with a flexible flap gate. At an 18’ depth, sanitary, force, and water main piping was installed totaling over 12,000 LF. Upon completion of the project, numerous concrete utility structures were installed, the installation of a new pump & sampling station took place, and a total of 10,000 SY of asphalt paving was placed.

  • Timber piles driven totaling over 55,000 vertical feet

  • 5,000 SF steel sheet pile cofferdam and outlet structure

  • Installation of 3,300 LF of 72” storm piping

  • 2,000 LF of 16” sanitary pipe installed

  • Construction of a new pump and sampling station

  • 26 concrete utility structures

  • 8,000 LF of new water main

  • Concrete pile caps and cradle

  • 90,000 SF of asphalt paving