Project Portfolio

Philadelphia Museum Of Art Garage – Philadelphia, PA

Duration – 12 months

Client – LF Driscoll

Category – Parking Garage


The Philadelphia Museum of Art Landscaped Parking Facility and Sculpture Garden Project is a job that involved many different construction tasks. With over 50,000 cubic yards of excavation, 15,000 square feet of sheeting and shoring, 28,000 square feet of mechanically stabilized earth wall, more than 800 feet of utilities, and numerous items for demolition, JPC Group, Inc. was one company that LF Driscoll believed could complete the job on-time and within budget. With the right personnel in place, both in the field and in the office, JPC completed work for a parking garage that sits 18 feet below street level, barely visible to general traffic, and adds more than 425 parking spots to the facility.

  • Remove and relocate 400 linear feet of gas pipe

  • Remove 2,600 square yards of asphalt parking lot, along with 900 linear feet of curb

  • Remove, store and replace approximately 2000 boulders that varied in size from 1 foot to 7 foot wide

  • Layout and plotting of both shoring walls and MSE walls, along with other various points of interest

  • All erosion control, tree protection and site fencing surrounding the site