Project Portfolio

PIER 82 – Philadelphia, PA

Duration – 12 months

Client – Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Category – Pile Driving


The Pier 82 reefer bank project included pile driving, concrete pads, asphalt work, and the erection of large steel structures. Because of the location of this project being situated along the Delaware River, JPC first needed to drive 85 pipe piles approximately 80 feet into the ground for bearing support in soft soils. Once the piles were driven, concrete aprons and pads were constructed, creating the base for the steel structures to be erected. Four separate four-story high towers were then assembled. Electrical equipment was brought in and installed throughout each of the tower levels for future refrigerated containers. New transformers and receptacles were installed to power the containers. JPC was also responsible for the additional asphalt paving that was installed to finish the project. This was truly a unique job with such a wide variety of construction services and trades employed.

  • Over 167,000 lbs of rebar were installed

  • 3000 LF of 16” pipe piles were driven

  • Approximately 3000 cubic yards of concrete was poured

  • More than 500 LF of handrail and steel painting