Project Portfolio

NISMO Wharf And Pier Improvements – Philadelphia, PA

Duration – 12 months

Client – Triton Marine Construction Corporation

Category – Marine work


The NISMO Wharf and Pier Improvements at the Philadelphia Naval Yard included several phases of work while working closely with the United States Navy. Ductbank excavation over a mile long, installation of multiple manholes and electrical substation pads, and over 7000 SY of asphalt paving comprised the electrical upgrade portion of the project. The remaining scope entailed wharf improvements by means of seawall spall repair, mooring hardware restoration, timber sheet piling repair, repair of spilt piles and pile caps, and helical, timber, steel and concrete pile installation.

  • 5600 LF of ductbank excavation, encasement and backfill

  • Over 90,000 SF of roadway restoration

  • Installation of 45 concrete fender piles with rubbing strips secured to the wharf using steel brackets

  • New helical piles with extensive detail were installed in 13 locations

  • 1000 SF of underwater timber sheet piling repair

  • Repair two dozen split piles underwater utilizing divers

  • Numerous specialty products for encasing and supporting sunken piles

  • Repair 345 LF of wharf edge steel and timber fender system

  • Repaint over 200 steel mooring structures

  • Seven concrete electrical substations enclosed with fencing