Site Work And Coordination

Site Work And Coordination

JPC coordinates all activities with productivity in mind. 

As general contractors, we understand the need for coordination between all trades and subcontractors. That is why, as site contractors, our reputation for clear communication is impeccable. Our interdisciplinary knowledge allows us to work closely with other contractors on your site - no matter how broad the scope of work may be.

We are the area's choice contractor in the excavation of foundations, footers, pads, pile caps, and grade beams. JPC Group utilizes state of the art survey equipment operated by expert technicians to ensure accurate grades are met for floors, pits, structures and trenches. We work collectively with project engineers and inspection personnel to reduce project risk and ensure that suitable conditions are always achieved.

Site Work and Excavation Overview:

  • Structural Excavation And Backfill

  • Concrete Foundations 

  • Slabs On Grade Deck 

  • Structural Concrete 

  • Concrete Reinforcement Installation 

  • Concrete Placement And Finishing 

  • Concrete Pumping 

  • Concrete Crack Injection And Spall Repair 

  • Site Concrete And Paving 

  • Repair And Restoration 

  • Architectural Concrete 

  • Water And Sewer Connections And Piping 

  • Electrical Conduit And Site Lighting 

  • Hardscaping And Landscaping

Site Work And Coordination
Site Work And Coordination
Site Work And Coordination