Earth Stabilization And Structural Support

Earth Stabilization And Structural Support


Large scale projects in an urban environment sometimes make open cut excavations a physical impossibility. JPC Group is proficient in overcoming the challenge of site-specific environment constrictions. Our methods for soil retention allow below-grade work to continue in a safe and cost effective manner.

JPC Group consults with licensed professional engineers to review and design projects prior to the commencement of work. During the planning stages of an excavation project, our project management team works hand-in-hand with project engineers to determine the safest and most cost effective excavation methods. JPC Group implements individual plans that create a safe environment for construction, while maintaining the integrity of the excavation, as well as the surrounding areas. These methods can expedite project scheduling and reduce overall cost by eliminating large excavations and excessive material handling.

Earth Stabilization/Structural Support Techniques

  • Soldier Beams and Lagging 

  • Underpinning 

  • Jacked Piers 

  • Sheet Piling 

  • Hydraulic Shoring 

  • Driven Piles 

  • Drilled Shafts 

  • Soil Anchors and Tie Backs 

  • Soil Nailing 

  • Helical Piles* 

  • Micropiles 

  • Gabions 

  • Slurry Walls 

*JPC Group is the sole approved installer of PierTech products in the Delaware Valley.

Earth Stabilization
Earth Stabilization
Earth Stabilization
Earth Stabilization